If you drive by sixth and Howard in SOMA (South of Market), you will find an artistic structure that was made out of an abandoned building.  Attached to the sides of this brick apartment, you will see chairs, lamps, sofas, refrigerators, old fashioned bathtubs, a giant armoire and even a grandfather's clock.  They are firmly attached, but they appear to be in the midst of a great fall.  You will see these items on the fire escapes, window ledges, and sometimes just sitting on the sides of the building.  To add a touch of whimsy, the lamps are turned on at night.  The ground level of the building is boarded up and serves as a venue for street artists to use their talent.  

Brian Goggin is the creator of this contemporary piece of art, and it's name, "Defenestration," means to throw someone or something out the window.  I could tell you all the different interpretations on the art, but I think it is probably best if you experience it yourself and draw your own conclusions on what it means about our society and the neighborhood in which it resides.