Muir Woods and Stinson Beach

Just North of San Francisco lies one of the few old-growth red wood forests left on the planet. The giant redwoods and sycamores in Muir Woods are awe inspiring.

"The tallest coastal redwood at Muir Woods is about 258 feet, approximately the height of a six-foot person stacked head to toe 45 times. Further north, these trees can reach heights up to 379 feet, 74 feet taller than the Statue of Liberty. The average age of the coastal redwoods at Muir Woods is between 600 to 800 years, with the oldest being at least 1200 years old. This is still young for redwoods as they can live up to 2200 years."
- (http://www.nps.gov/muwo/index.htm)

After spending time wandering through the forest, my friends and I then took a drive along the coast to Stinson Beach. The pictures below are of the woods and the beach. Enjoy!

<span class=Stinson Beach, Feb. 2010 C" height="379" width="500">

Muir Woods, Feb. 2010 C

Muir Woods, Feb. 2010 H

<span class=Stinson Beach, Feb. 2010 B" height="375" width="500">

Muir Woods, Feb. 2010 A

Muir Woods, Feb. 2010 G

Muir Woods, Feb. 2010 B

<span class=Stinson Beach, Feb. 2010 A" height="353" width="500">