A Hint of Magic in the Air

I thought I might try to describe this enchanting, San Francisco night.  I'm sure I can't capture the true feel in the air, but I will try.

After a long day of work in the sweltering burbs, I took the subway back into the city.  As I started up the escalator, I was greeted with a cool air that was wet with fog. I saw that the dome of city hall was surrounded by fog, and there were wisps of it creeping across the sky.  While walking home in the midst of a herd of fellow San Franciscans, I felt the fog on my face, heard the roar of traffic, and in the distance I could distinguish multiple sirens.  I took a deep breath,  smiled, and realized I was home. 

Currently, I am at Panera Bread in Mission Bay listening to Billie Holiday as I sit at a window and watch the vehicle and pedestrian traffic go by in the dark night.  A Giant's game is being played nearby, so this area is especially busy. I see people everywhere doing so many things including riding their bikes while dodging the heavy traffic, walking their dogs, bringing home groceries in order to prepare a late dinner, waiting to catch a bus, raising their hand to hail a taxi, and running away from the game early so that they can get a head start home.  There is a couple on the corner under the street light.  They have just finished an embrace and kiss, and she is looking at him with adoring eyes as he holds her hand and waits for the light to turn.