Cafe Le Vie on a Saturday Morning

It's a sleepy Saturday morning here in the new Atlantis.  The heavy fog of the night hits me in the face as I walk down the wet sidewalk.  The sun hasn't made an appearance yet, but I am ok with that.  It's a sleepy Saturday morning after all, and the sun doesn't need to come around just yet.

Normally, I love going to Panera Bread on Saturday mornings, but since I'm in a new neighborhood now, I forced myself this morning to check out something local and within walking distance.  What did I find?  Cafe LeVie in Hayes Valley.  It is a small, quaint coffee shop with a few tables inside, and a couple of tables outside.  Basically, it is your typical coffee shop, but I like it.  I like the rough hardwood floors, the garage door that can open up and bring the outside in, the art for sale on the walls, and the funky vibe that it gives off.  I'm picky about my coffee shops, and this one has barely passed the test so far.  The bagel was average, but the ice tea was good.

I am an introvert by nature, which means I get my energy from time alone.  Early Saturday mornings are my time.  I get up early and sneak out without waking anyone else up.  I then walk the streets in the early morning.  There are very few people up this early on Saturday, and a lot less vehicles on the road.  It is my time, and I enjoy it.  I walk to a nearby coffee shop, get my ice tea, and spend some time surfing the net and catching up on blogs and Facebook.  Sometimes, I start looking forward to this Saturday retreat time as early as Thursday.  When I go back home, I'm rested, rejuvenated, and ready to enjoy the day.