Mississippi Adventure and Muddy's Restaurant

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Yesterday, I decided to jump on the bus and head downtown to have some tea at the Chinese Gardens. These gardens are incredible, but I will blog about them at a later date. As I pushed the back door of the bus to get off at the bus stop, I discovered that the door wouldn't open. No problem I thought, I will just get off at the next stop. I then realized we were heading over the Big Steel Bridge and entering the NE side of the city. I wanted an adventure yesterday, and I believe that things worked together to give me one. I ended up getting off at Mississippi Ave. and exploring all the great shops there. They have second hand stores that remind me of Jenks, OK, and one of them in particular looked like a drag queen's bedroom. Oh the drama in that store. Overall, I was impressed with the retail on Mississippi Ave., and I plan to go back. I absolutely love antiques and furniture that has a past.

One of the great treats of the day was eating at a restaurant called Muddy's. It is in an old house that sets up from the road. According to the menu, the owner named the restaurant after her cherished dog who had been on many adventures with her including climbing Mt. Everest and high fiving the pope on his visit to the U.S. She found the dog in a puddle of mud, and she decided that Muddy would be the perfect name for this great companion. The ambiance of the restaurant was great, but the food was even better. I had her special which consisted of ham, brie, and pears on a croissant. It was absolutely incredible, and I can't wait to go back there some weekend for breakfast. According to the sign on the table, there is only one cook, who at the time I went there was also the waitress and cashier. Busy lady with a talent for cooking.

I have found that when I start to miss Tulsa a little, I need to step outside my door and begin an adventure where the Portland has the opportunity to sell itself to me all over again. I loved the past in Tulsa, but my present and future are here in Portland. I never thought I'd be living on the West Coast.