Recycling or Craft Project?

As I look around the house, I see several things that I wish I could recycle. My boyfriend gave me an incredible bouquet of balloons for my birthday, and as the helium slowly goes out of them I can't help but wonder if there isn't something I could do with them that would be memorable. Yes, I also used to dry the flowers that people would give me in hopes of recycling them into something memorable. In the end I just ended up with a bunch of dried flowers hanging around.

What about wine bottles? Surely there is some way that isn't tacky that wine bottles could be recycled. I know I could put them in the bucket for the trashman to recycle, but I kind of really like the labels and think there must be something I can do with them in the house. In the meantime, they are making themselves a home in the basement. Oh, and surely there must be something that can be made out of all those great wine corks.

The reason these wonderful materials don't get reused in our house is because I'm just not crafty. I have definitely tried to be crafty, but I just don't seem to have that ability. I have tried cross stitch, sewing, painting, crocheting, and even latch hook with no success. These attempts produced more stuff lying around the house that I felt I must do something with. My latest attempt at crafting is to call it recycling and see if that will bring some inspiration. Like I said, surely there is something I can do to recycle a wine bottle, but what? I could fill it with water and use it as a pitcher, or I could put a candle on the end and put a collection of them on the table as a centerpiece (ok, tacky I know), I might just put the dish washing soap in it in order to have a more festive sink area but that would then produce a great plastic dishwashing bottle that I would have to do something with.

Out of frustration, and a growing mound of recycle/craft materials, I will take my search to the Internet and google things to do with empty wine bottles and used festive balloons. I just hope that the ideas aren't too tacky.