That S.F. Feeling

What makes San Francisco such a great city?  I think it is the little things like the items I listed below:

  • Dance Your Cares Away.  I was driving by a construction site the other day, and the woman holding the "slow" sign was dancing.  This city worker was shaking her hips, waving her free hand and doing the Twist.  I went by the same intersection two hours later and she was still out there, holding her construction sign, and dancing her work hours away. 
  • Acceptance.  When I got to Panera today to get my weekly bagel fix, the guy ordering beside me was in semi-drag.  No one really cared, and in fact I saw the lady taking the order give coveting glances at his purse.  
  • Parades. There was a Mini-Cooper parade at 8:00 this morning.  Police blocked off intersections so that approximately 50 Mini-Coopers could glide through the streets in all their glory.  Every type of Cooper imaginable was represented.  
  • Friendly. A homeless person welcomed us to our new neighborhood.  
  • Surprises. While waiting on a bus, We met the "escape artist of Fisherman's Wharf" and his "wonder" dog. They were on their way to do a show.
  • Charitable. I saw a local restaurant park their vans and set up food lines for the homeless in the United Nations Plaza.
  • True Religious Freedom. On mornings when I take the BART, I walk by a group of people in front of city hall who are sitting on their mats and meditating. I think they are there because of the giant Buddha sculpture which is on display nearby.    
  • Mild Climate. While the rest of the country is suffering in extreme heat, our average high at the moment in San Francisco is around 64 degrees.
  • Helpful. The woman behind me on the escalator giggled and told me very politely that my tags on my shirts were showing.  Yes, San Franciscans do talk to strangers.
  • Diversity.  Everywhere I go in S.F. I see people from different cultures speaking different languages.  This is definitely one of the things that makes this place so great.
  • Celebrities. John Waters calls the Nob Hill neighborhood home.  He is a little odd, but that is why he fits in so well here.     

Gotta go.  It's time for me to experience more of this great city that I call home.