I Conquered Winter

The days in Portland are a lot less dreary lately. Honestly, the sunshine and warmer weather couldn't have come at a better time. For most of the winter I was able to keep my spirits up by following a routine of job hunting and exploring, but the last few weeks of rain and clouds were beginning to have their affect on me. The trees have leaves, flowers are blooming, people are bicycling, and I'm wearing shorts again. I made it through my first winter in Portland, and I did it unemployed. I have a feeling that the future winters will not be quite so difficult because I will have jobs. I can't really throw a personal pity party on the job front because Oregon's unemployment rate is at 12.1%. If I threw a pity party, I think I would have thousands of people attend and party crash.

I am enjoying the spring, and can't wait for my first Oregon summer. I have a feeling it will be beautiful, inspiring, and almost spiritual.