It is so different living in a blue state after living in the red state of Oklahoma. I could bash Oklahoma a little bit here, but I will refrain. This blog will be about Oregon, and more specifically Portland.

I daily come across reminders that Portland is serious about politics. When the debates were airing on television, many of the theaters around town showed the debates on the big screens. It was standing room only in these theaters. Wow! Also, I have been asked by volunteers on the street numerous times if I am registered to vote. These volunteers hold papers on clipboards eager to sign me up. This has happened downtown, outside of businesses, and even when I just go for a walk in my neighborhood. I also find it very interesting that you don't go to polling booths in Oregon. Instead, the ballots are mailed to you at home. When I asked why, I was told that people like to take their time and maybe even research the different candidates and items on the Internet and answer the questions in the privacy of their own home. In fact, I think the ballots were mailed out today.

While biking or walking down the streets, I am reminded of how blue the state is everywhere I look. One of the businesses downtown has unofficially changed their name from "Backspace" to "Barackspace." I also recently saw a garage sale and a bake sale where the contributions went to Obama. Just today I was biking in a neighborhood and looked over to see that a homeowner had painted the letters for Obama on 5 large gourds and placed them in her front yard.

From what I understand, not all of Oregon is blue. In fact, most of it is red and conservative. It just so happens that Portland, especially Multnomah County, is as blue as the eyes of a newborn baby. I find it incredible that one city can pretty much dictate the way a state will be represented.

Note: Today Germany passed a 675 billion dollar bailout package to help their financial institutions.